Pupkewitz introduces its first Millennial Advisory Team

Posted: 23 May 2019

On 10 April 2019, the Pupkewitz Group officially launched and introduced its first Millennial Advisory Team (MAT) consisting of 10 members from across the Group’s divisions. The MAT, a bespoke project in partnership with Deloitte Namibia, is an open platform for the CEO to authentically engage with millennial employees within the Group.

 “As a group that believes in “having a thinking culture”, it is critical that we create a risk-free environment and provide unique platforms for employees of the Pupkewitz Group to have the freedom to think, and thereby help grow and shape the business. Leading a forward thinking organisation with more than 47% of employees falling in the category of millennials, it is key for us to understand how the millennials see the world, what motivates and inspire them, and what insight and knowledge they can bring to the strategic thinking of the Group,” said Dougie Truter, Pupkewitz Group Chief Executive Officer. He further added that the MAT initiative speaks to the Group’s passion towards millennials and its commitment to fully explore and unlock their true power.

Schalk Pienaar, Pupkewitz Group Talent Management Executive advised the team to work hard and ensure they put in the required effort and dedication. He remarked: “Start from where you are and work hard, grab the opportunities and be of service to each other, to the company and to the country.” We as a company dream of the day that we will not only be the Best Company to Work For in the country but we will be the Best Company for the Country. You must make sure that we get there.”

The Pupkewitz MAT members will attend four formal meetings chaired by the CEO, and are expected to leverage their networks in order to extract insights into young consumer purchasing behaviour, thereby helping to apply new lenses to the Group’s communication, marketing initiatives and product innovation.“I am very excited to have a chance to work with you all, to learn from each other and co-create a future where the Group, our brands, our products, service portfolio, and the way we communicate to our stakeholders both internal and external, is relevant and fit for growth in the future,” said Truter