Group Overview

The spirit of entrepreneurship is increasingly stimulated on the premise that Small and Medium sized Enterprise development (SME’s), is of key importance in creating jobs, reducing unemployment and advancing broad based economic empowerment. Pupkewitz Megabuild and Pupkewitz Megatech are actively involved in the development of 500+ emerging SME’s in retail trading operations with previously disadvantaged Namibian entrepreneurs, mainly in the rural areas. Corporate Social Responsibility funds are drawn from the Groups operating profits, and disbursed through the Pupkewitz Foundation in support of a well-educated and healthy nation.  The Group is constantly pursuing to source local supply, where the quality of the product, continuity of supply and price competitiveness of the product can be guaranteed. The Group’s uniquely Namibian view on business and intimate knowledge of the Namibian business landscape provides it with a competitive advantage of understanding the customer. Government initiatives are supported and alignment with development plans is key to securing good Government business.  The Pupkewitz Group of Companies is a recognised contributor to key sectors of the Namibian economy, covering various retail segments through these Divisions:

Pupkewitz Megabuild

C/O Edison & Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue, Windhoek

PO Box 5087, Southern Industrial, Windhoek
+264 61 291 6703
+264 61 291 6751

Pupkewitz Megabuild is acknowledged as the oldest and largest building material and hardware supplier in Namibia, with a legendary product offering of 20,000 line items in its 16 branches across the country.  We supply from foundation to roof and cater for contractors, mines, industrialists, resellers, parastatals, the public sector, households and DIY home improvement enthusiasts. Our experienced employees are well trained to fulfill their respective positions, offering clients sound advise and prompt service.

At Pupkewitz Megabuild, our success is based on delivering complete satisfaction at every opportunity. We take great pride in understanding the need and desires of our clients and value strong business partnerships.  With decades of industry experience in construction, we understand and support all aspects of the industry. As firm believers in industry trends, we change as often as needed to ensure that every product remains relevant.

Pupkewitz Megatech

10 Edison Street, Windhoek Southern Industrial, Windhoek

PO Box 40726, Windhoek
+264 (0) 61 555 563
061 374 451
[email protected]

Pupkewitz Megatech is a body of electrical solution specialists, who pride themselves in giving clients professional assistance with tough electrical and lighting selections. We cater to the likes of electrical and industrial contractors; the mining industry; regional energy distributors; municipalities; interior professionals; architects; engineers; developers and private homemaking clients.


Our ranges include: decorative, commercial & industrial lighting; switches & sockets; air conditioning; solar solutions; switchgear & distribution boards; line material, cable & wire; PVC & galvanised   consumables and electrical motors.

Pupkewitz Motors

C/O Harold Pupkewitz Street & Independence Avenue, Windhoek

PO Box 31, Windhoek
+264 (0) 61 291 6911
+264 (0) 61 291 6999

Pupkewitz Motor Division has been in the Namibian motor industry since 1954, selling passenger vehicles as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles via a network of dealerships country-wide. We host the following well-known automotive brands: Toyota, Lexus, Volkswagen, Nissan, Datsun, Honda, GWM, Haval, Accessory Fitment Centre, Hino trucks, Nissan Forklift and Pupkewitz Auto.

  1. Delighting People Is Our Business. This philosophy is based on four pillars:
    Prices: Competitive prices for vehicles of adequate high quality offered in response to consumer preferences.
    Warranty: All vehicle are guaranteed and by each franchise warranty offered upon sale.
    Fairness: Should a compliant arise, it will be speedily and fairly resolved.
    Service: Customers’ interest are thoroughly pursued by highly trained personnel available to advise customers on product choice and use.
  2. Attract commitment to our values and energize people,
  3. Establish a standard of business excellence,
  4. Create meaning in employee’s lives,
  5. Bridge the present to the future,
  6. Always look for better ways.

Pupkewitz Catering Supplies

42 Rehobother Road, Windhoek

PO Box 267, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek
+264 (0) 61 291 6348
+264 (0) 61 291 6365

Based in Windhoek, Pupkewitz Catering Supplies provides the best selection of catering and laundry equipment and supplies to both the hospitality and public sector, country-wide. The product range is comprehensive, offering everything that any hotel, lodge, restaurant, caterer or industrial kitchen could need. We specialise in turnkey projects.

We have established ourselves as a market leader in Namibia through our: Quality Products, Vast Range, Technical Expertise and Excellent after Sales Service. We value diversity in our workforce and promote a working environment of mutual trust and respect, where everyone feels responsible, and will be held accountable. Let us consult with you and enjoy the advantages of solutions designed especially for your needs. We Listen first and then Talk. Tell us what your needs are and we will take care of the rest.

Kaap Agri Namibia

5 Dorper Str, Northern Industrial Area, Windhoek

PO Box 5824, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek
+264 61 22 6266
+264 61 22 3086

Kaap Agri Namibia is an agricultural services group that distributes fuel, goods and services mainly to the agricultural sector, but also the general public. The company provides these goods and services under the Agrimark and Expressmark brands via a network of 13 branches throughout Namibia. Particularly in cities and larger towns, Agrimark concentrates on the destination customer who desires a wide range of items under one roof.

Kaap Agri Namibia understands the agriculture sector’s unique characteristics and requirements which forms the basis of their service offering. The holistic service offering for the farmer or agriculture practitioner includes stocking of products relevant to the area, product advice and term finance for goods procured.  


C/O Mozart & Axali Doeseb Street, Windhoek

PO Box 21593, Windhoek
+264 (0) 81 170 3270

TODAY is on a mission to create a world managed through and simplified by the Internet. Our main target market is technology savvy businesses and individuals, comfortable with the new connected world. Through our platforms, companies and individuals create business-to-business, business-to-consumer and Peer-to-Peer trading echo systems, which grow exponentially through interconnected social networks. Our solutions are designed for computer and mobile devices, delivering messages, services and payment facilities, anywhere, any time.

Through smart partnerships with Nedbank and world class Information Technology companies, Today delivers robust and secure platforms to its customers, businesses and individuals alike. Today offers the most dynamic and continuous evolving marketing, trading and payment channel for Namibian business