About us

The Pupkewitz Group of Companies are grounded on a rich history of entrepreneurship, dating back to 1904 when Max Pupkewitz started a wagon-building business in Okahandja and a General Dealership in Ausspannplatz in 1925. The late Harold Pupkewitz followed in his father’s footsteps by pioneering the landscapes of his respective markets and turning the group into the market leader that it is today.

Group Philosophy

The Pupkewitz Group was founded on the pillar of Customer Satisfaction Through Service Excellence and is uniquely positioned by its diverse and decentralised business outlets, rendering a national footprint in 15 towns and one village, creating exciting career opportunities and attractive benefits to its ± 1,800 employees.

The experience and gravitas of its founders continues to be demonstrated by its management teams and as a proud Namibian company, the Group cultivates a strong culture of business- and family values. These are incorporated in a set of unifying principles, which are considered an important ingredient for business progression and the continued satisfaction experienced by its various clients.

The Group’s competitive advantage lies in the understanding of its customers and its unique view and intimate knowledge of the Namibian business landscape. This philosophy is underpinned by the Group’s commitment to support and align itself with Government Development plans and the growth of the Namibian economy.

Unifying principles

The way we do business is governed by 10 unifying principles:

We are committed to People Development
We promote a Thinking Culture
We have a culture of Service Excellence
We believe in Group Business Loyalty
Create and inspire a Performance Culture
Be a Social Responsible Organisation
We believe in Financial Responsibility and Capital Efficiency
Tolerance and Encouragement for Entrepreneurial Initiatives
Exceptional Support and Commitment to Pupkewitz as a Brand